Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...Reality Shows!

Top 2 Reality TV shows you would be on...

Well, what I watch and what I would want to be on are two completely different things. I LOOOOVEEEE watching reality TV, but actually living it would be different.

1. The Hills

Now hear me out...they took nobodies, made them into A-List celebs and they just have to put up with a little backstabbing and drama. Who wouldn't love VIP at clubs, restaurants and have a fake job? Sign me up!

2. The Real World

I grew up watching this show, and thought it would be so interesting to be a part of. Dealing with so many different personalities fascinates me. Then having to be creative and promote a business? That is so what I love doing...marketing and promotions!


  1. I for sure would have guessed Rock of Love and Rock of Love 2. Every rose has it's thorn...

  2. Good choices! Sometimes I feel like I just need a camera to follow me around (and to be hot like LC) and I would have an instant hit!


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