Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swagger Wagon

One of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time. Please take the time to'll thank me.

p.s. Even though this is a valiant effort, I will NEVER, repeat NEVER drive a Mini-Van. Range Rover? Yes. Tahoe? Yes. Escalade? Fo sho. Swagger Wagon? Nope.


No, not the thing that happens to the moon. Or the car that was super cool to have circa 2000.

I'm talking about The Twilight Saga; Eclipse! This is the third movie in the series and FAR better than New Moon. Edward is actually in this movie, thankyouverymuch. I have a couple friends that will go see it with me, but not for a few weeks to give the "Twi-Hards" time to settle down.

On another note, forget Team Edward or Team Jacob...I'm Team Emmett. Why does he get no credit? He's beautiful. Raaaar. NOW will you come see Eclipse with me?!

Quote of the Day

“Never follow someone else's path... unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.”

Ellen DeGeneres (1958 – )

American comedian and actor

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Friggin' Awesome Twilight

This. Is. Awesome. Thank you for sharing with me Mr. Awesome.

National Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Today was "National Take Your Dog To Work Day" (which is how I found out there was an official Nap Day), and unfortunately I wasn't able to participate. I thought about smuggling him in, but since he's so cute I'm sure everyone would have made a fuss. Haha.

Did any of you take your doggies in?

Here is the site so you can submit your pictures, get information and plan for next year!

Wait...National Take A Nap Day?!

Apparently "Napping Day" is always the Monday after Daylight Savings. It's intention to help people adjust to the time difference. Ummmm, why was I not aware of this?! I love a good reason to nap. Not that I need one.

According to this article, "National Napping Day was founded by Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife Camille in 1999. Napping Day is an unofficial holiday set aside to help people adjust to Daylight Saving Time and to promote health and productivity benefits of napping. After losing an hour of sleep by "springing forward," people are more sleep-deprived and find it easier to nap."


I'm Coming Chelsea Handler!

This weekend has been planned for a few months, and I am so excited to see Chelsea Handler do standup on Saturday! If it's anything like her book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, I can't wait. It's amazing to say the least. You can get her book here Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. She also has a couple other books that are just as hilarious Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea and My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands.

I watch her show on E!, but honestly my favorite part is when she is off the cuff on the roundtable. Her wit and timing are hilarious. Bre and I WILL be standing in line to get a picture with her, and she WILL be signing my book. Hooray!

Oh, and a bonus is that Staff Homosexual, Guy Branum will be opening for her. He's amazing, and can't wait to see his act.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HALE Jewelry Giveaway!

Hi Friends!

One of my fabulous friends, Kelsey has started her very own jewelry line! She already has an amazing fan base including:

  • Ali from the Bachelorette
  • Chelsie Hightower and Cheryl Burke from SYTYCD
  • Warrior Girls Dance Team 
  • ME! I own the Chelsie (yes, named after Chelsie Hightower!) necklace. It's amazing and I get compliments on it all the time!

My birthday gift from Mr. Awesome...the "Chelsie" necklace 

Here are the rules for the contest:

Go here to see the jewelry you can win!

To enter, simply "follow" HALE on Twitter, publicly follow the HALE blog, and the Facebook Fan Page. Every "follow" on each social media network serves as an entry. So you can get up to three entries by following the HALE Blog, HALE Twitter, and the HALE fan page on Facebook. 

Follow the HALE Blog!
Follow HALE on Twitter!
Follow HALE on Facebook!

Winner will be chosen by August 1, 2010!

Good Luck!!!

Wishful Wednesday...Lost Item!

'I wish' .... I hadn't lost my favorite bathing suit!!!

Something silly or a prized possession, 
What do you wish would show up tomorrow ....
Being young is almost synonymous with moving about 18 times. In the shuffle of moving so much over the years, I lost a couple boxes of summer clothes, including my favorite bathing suit! It was super comfy, flattering and I got a great deal on it. 

I know it's silly, but every summer I think about it. Maybe it will show up someday?!

For now, I'd be happy with this! What?! It's only the World's Most Expensive Bikini coming in at $30 Million dollars! Is that too much to ask?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Detox was a Success!

So know how I posted earlier about doing a detox to get out with the bad, and in with the good?'s been a TOTAL success! I lost about 2.5 pounds while doing this, but I ate healthy as well. If you want to jump-start these summer months and have a fresh start, for sure try this out! It was so great even Mr. Awesome is doing it now!

Happy Detoxing friends!

Top 2 Tuesday...Reality Shows!

Top 2 Reality TV shows you would be on...

Well, what I watch and what I would want to be on are two completely different things. I LOOOOVEEEE watching reality TV, but actually living it would be different.

1. The Hills

Now hear me out...they took nobodies, made them into A-List celebs and they just have to put up with a little backstabbing and drama. Who wouldn't love VIP at clubs, restaurants and have a fake job? Sign me up!

2. The Real World

I grew up watching this show, and thought it would be so interesting to be a part of. Dealing with so many different personalities fascinates me. Then having to be creative and promote a business? That is so what I love and promotions!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tribute to Kreeper Kasey

For the character we all love to hate, here is a tribute to Kermie, I mean, Kasey. 

Have a nice life, weirdo!

Amanda Bynes Retired? Really?


So apprently 24 year old actresses feel the need to retire? Does she have that much money she no longer needs to work?


Don't get me wrong, "What a Girl Wants", "Sydney White," and "She's the Man" were box office hits, and I'm sure she is STILL raking in royalties from their success. *sarcasm* But what next? Although I do thank her for Channing Tatum who was first introduced in "She's the Man" as he had many shirtless scenes.

I can't really imagine Amanda Bynes working at Bath and Body Works, or folding towels at Bed Bath & Beyond. So what does she plan on doing? Seriously? Anyone know?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Team Jacob or Team Edward?

"Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? I just really need to know." -Mr. Awesome

These are the types of questions I get asked on daily basis. Welcome to my life. To answer his question, I replied Team Edward.

Now hear me out...I love me a warm blooded underage werewolf just as much as the next woman in her late 20's who loves Twilight. But I just can't ignore the love story between Bella and Edward. And we all know how much I love a love story. Oh, you don't? Ok, well I LOVE love stories. I highly recommend reading this series. It's an easy read and SUUUUUUUUPER addicting.

Speaking of that...Eclipse comes out sooooooon! Anyone want to join me?!?! No one will judge you, I promise. Ok, maybe a little. But it will be worth it.

Happy Father's Day!

Hope you are having a fabulous day! Papa Awesome is in Europe so we are spending the day running errands and relaxing.

Toby and Mr. Awesome are doing man things at Home Depot. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dave and Busters...take 2

We went to Dave and Busters again last night. This time, just for drinks and games. We had a much better experience and the drinks pictured may have helped a teensy bit.

The verdict? Just go for games and avoid the giant Operation game. It's not as fun as it looks. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cleanse and Detox

I'm getting my life on track...out with the bad and in with the good. Perfect way to start?! 

A Cleanse and Detox! Here's to a fresh start.

Mrs. Awesome

Top 2 Tuesday...Guilty Pleasures!

~Top 2...Guilty Pleasures~
1. Reality TV
Anything reality, I'm obsessed. The trashier the better. Rock of Love? YES please! Bachelor/ette? Sign me up! America's Next Top Model? Love! True Beauty? Even better. If it's reality or even "reality" I'm watching it.
2. Sleeping In on the Weekends
I love sleep. Sleep is my favorite. Everyone always talks about how productive the are on weekend mornings and I always giggle to myself and think, "not me!"
 If I have a weekend where I have no commitments (which is rare) I'll sleep until 10am. AND I don't feel bad about it. I get up, have some coffee, make blueberry pancakes, take a walk/bike ride with hubs and Toby. Doesn't that sound perfect? I agree.
What are yours?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thirsty Toby

I mention all the time that my dog is more like my child. This is an unedited video of what Toby does when he needs water or food. Amazingly, Mr. Awesome got the whole thing on video. Please enjoy.

Pearly Blogger!

A Girl in Pearls

Check out my feature on Jen's Blog!!!!! So happy to be a part of it!!

Snapshot of the Bride!

Malia's wedding turned out fabulous! Pics to follow shortly. :)

-- Kristen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...New Career!

'I wish' .... I had the opportunity to change careers and it would be to become a Dermatologist!

Ever since I had acne as a child, I've become more aware of my skin as the years went on. I suffered so much as a child, and would love the opportunity to help others. 

I actually did look into it, and it would mean another bachelors degree in PRE-MED (think math, biology and physics), then Grad School, then Residency. I'd be a wrinkly old lady by that time...well hopefully not. 

Moisturize and use sunscreen friends!

To join in the Wishful Wednesday fun, visit Kelsey's blog!  The Seattle Smith's

The Bachelorette!

I am just loving Ali this season as the Bachelorette! She is super straight-forward and tells the guys like it is. I am excited for the upcoming episodes "Around the World" but I think it might be a bit much. Aren't fairy tale dates and private jets enough to distort your view of these guys? Why not add traveling to foreign countries?!

Just sayin'. Don't be surprised to be let down when real life comes. I wonder why these relationships rarely entertains me though, so keep it coming!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Doggy Dash 2010!

This weekend Mr. Awesome and I participated in the SPCA's annual Doggy Dash. We skipped a year because of the wedding madness, but were happy to participate again.

It's definitely gotten much bigger than years past, and happy to spend a few hours with fellow dog lovers. Toby rocked his adorable camo shirt, and Mr. Awesome sported this year's shirt.

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DIY Centerpiece

$15 vase from Ikea
$3 bouquet of yellow tulips
= Crafting on a budget!

New coffee table centerpiece! This cheery little number will brighten up our living room, and I can't kill it. Perfect!

-- Kristen

Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting texts like this are AWESOME

Hi Alika? My name is Michael, I was the server of a beautiful girl that came into IHOP today and she left your name and # on a napkin when she left. Are u her?

-- Kristen

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...SATC-2!

Since it's a short week, it's TECHNICALLY Wednesday, right?

'I wish' .... I could be the one and only
Samantha in SATC2!!

This was a hard choice, but I have been with the same man for almost 11 years! Not that I would change anything about my life, it would just be a total change of pace to be a Samantha, and be with different men all of the time.

It would be a different experience to say the least, and I can definitely see myself getting arrested for being on the beach! She also doesn't take any crap from anyone. I also like the fact that she has a moisturizing routine and makes sure to take her vitamins. I can relate to that!

Malia's Bachelorette Party!

We piled into a Yukon, chock full of wine and snacks and headed down to NAPA VALLEY! Most notably in our vehicle was nacho cheese...4 containers to be exact, Pink Velvet cupcakes and a peach colored...cake.

We went wine tasting, lounged by the pool, munched on nacho cheese and goodies, saw the SATC-2 movie, and went to a few bars. We had a great time disrupting the normally peacful Napa Valley and gave the security a run for their money. We had a great time and I'm sure Napa was happy to have us hotties out of their town. :)

The Wine Mobile!

In front of the Meritage Hotel

Kaila, bringing the goods for the SATC-2 Movie!

Sushi Mambo! Smallest restaurant EVER.

The B2B and Saki Bombs!

Me, Kaila and Malia at Castillo de Amarosa (Castle of Love!)

Us at Domaine Chandon for dessert and champagne. Let's just say it was REALLY nice of our server to take a picture of us.
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