Monday, June 21, 2010

Amanda Bynes Retired? Really?


So apprently 24 year old actresses feel the need to retire? Does she have that much money she no longer needs to work?


Don't get me wrong, "What a Girl Wants", "Sydney White," and "She's the Man" were box office hits, and I'm sure she is STILL raking in royalties from their success. *sarcasm* But what next? Although I do thank her for Channing Tatum who was first introduced in "She's the Man" as he had many shirtless scenes.

I can't really imagine Amanda Bynes working at Bath and Body Works, or folding towels at Bed Bath & Beyond. So what does she plan on doing? Seriously? Anyone know?


  1. these actors are crazy, they quit because they don't LOVE it anymore? Seriously. Are they going to start brand new careers as administrative assistants or become attorneys or doctors? Suck it up people. Do a movie every few years and then do whatever the eff you want in your spare time. volunteer, donate the money to charity. Man if only we were all so lucky as to have that option...

  2. Maybe she'll work behind the scenes in the industry like so many other "hasbeens" do. If she doesn't love it, I say good, get outta there and make room for one of the BILLION wannabe actresses that do still love it. Many actors leave the scene and go on to "normal" lives. I wish her the best.



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