Friday, June 25, 2010

National Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Today was "National Take Your Dog To Work Day" (which is how I found out there was an official Nap Day), and unfortunately I wasn't able to participate. I thought about smuggling him in, but since he's so cute I'm sure everyone would have made a fuss. Haha.

Did any of you take your doggies in?

Here is the site so you can submit your pictures, get information and plan for next year!


  1. Awww how fun my black lab probably knocking over cubicles and waiting for someone to throw his ball. ;) how fun though wish my work would do that.

  2. I only wish I could take my puppies to work! Although, I'm sure I'd get nothing done :)

  3. I begged my boss to let me take our puppy in but it didn't work. I'm jealous of anyone who got to though!


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