Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is why we're fat, America

Really? This is just disgusting. You can order this while sitting on your butt in a drive thru. Oh, and the meal comes with fries. Really?

Accoriding to KFC.com, "The new KFC Double Down sandwich is real! This one-of-a-kind sandwich features two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe® or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel's Sauce. This product is so meaty, there’s no room for a bun!"


  1. I saw the commercial for this. GROSS!

  2. So, they had Kathy Lee and that other chick that's on the show with her try these on air the other day. Apparently the fried one only has 540 calories and the grilled one is significantly less. I'd say going grilled on this one is probably approved by Atkins. LOL!

  3. Just curious Mrs. Awesome. Is your hubby "Adventures of Mr. Awesome?
    That sandwich does look disgusting. It's sad to realize how good it looks to some.

  4. Why yes he is, Garv. You can find him at http://adventuresofmrawesome.blogspot.com/. He loves followers!!

  5. yeah I saw these commercials. gross.


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