Friday, April 9, 2010

Lidia's Italy

So apprently this famous chef has a TV show and is quite the phenomenon. Her name is Lidia, and although not the bombshell like, Giada, she makes some delicious pasta. She has restaurants in New York and.....Kansas City, Missouri? Whaaaat?

Hey, it worked out for me. My amazing client suggested it and I obliged, considering my love for Italian food. Ok, pretty much any food. But the celebrity part intrigued me more to be honest.

They have a daily trio tasting of different pastas, and that seems to be the big draw. I couldn't resist. The first one was a linguine type with shrimp, the second a spinach/ricotta ravioli (our favorite) and the third a penne with tomato sauce and linguica. Simply amazing, and luckily got me through 7 hours of travel.

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