Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Wish List

This really is a wish list. Since we're saving up for Germany, and involved in two (FABULOUS) weddings this summer, we are "budgeting" or whatever you call that. I put this together because Mr. Awesome, although pretty awesome, never knows what I want. Aaaaaaand since my birthday is coming up in 25 days I figured I could give him a head start.

Sooooooooo, here you go, honey. Please feel free to forward to the Mom's also. :)

~New Black Coach Purse (Brooke Leather or Brooke Op Art or the Peyton Signature)

~Brazilian Blowout from Amy (Hair Treatment)

~Chocolate Brown Silk Pillow Cases

~New Hairdryer (Chi-See Amy!)

~Chelsie Necklace from HALE (the silver key one)

~Alli (Weight Loss Pill-FDA Approved Mom's!!)

~Cute Summer Shoes

~Facial and/or massage gift certificates

~Roller work briefcase (black with pink accents, or similar)


 ~Williams Sonoma Frosting Tube

~Plastic Cup with Straw (Bed Bath & Beyond!)

~Wicker Bike Basket for Toby

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  1. this is hysterical. I approve 100% of the wish list making for yourself, store's should offer bday registries, mother's day registries, christmas registries, etc for this exact reason.


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