Monday, April 5, 2010

Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking...

Toby got a new nametag! I recieved this picture in a text message with:

Mr. Awesome: He keeps biting at it.
Me: He's so cute. I feel better having a collar on him.
Mr. Awesome: Yeah for sure. He just needs to get used to it.
Me: That's such a cute pic!
Mr. Awesome: He sat like a good little man.
Me: He always does. I really think he should model.
Mr. Awesome: Haha. You should get him a job.
Me: Ok, I'll pimp him out.
Mr. Awesome: He needs to earn his keep 'round here anyway.
Me: Haha


  1. He is 35. I think it's time he gets a job and stops being such a bum.


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