Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Leave Jessica Simpson Alone...

One of my favorite songs "With You" came on the iPod the other day and I couldn't help but sing it at the top of my lungs. I definitely think she gets picked on way too much...she's just like every other girl in the world. Silly, goofy and kinda ditzy. Ok, maybe just me and my friends. She also has weight fluctuations like normal girls too. Who can live on Diet Pepsi, cigarettes and one raw almond. Right friends?

The latest is that she is dating a former NFL player, Eric Johnson (Go 49ers!) and his divorce isn't official yet. If papers are filed and they aren't living together anymore, I say fair game. Right?

My advice? Stay away from "Mom Jeans" and keep your hair blonde. And stay awesome.


  1. I so feel you on this. I love that song and her....mean haters!

  2. I agree....leave her alone!! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her.

    As for the new're right....if the papers are filed and they are no longer living together, he is available. I am speaking as a divorced woman. Once you've signed the papers, you just have to wait out the 6 months (in CA) for it to be "finalized" by the state....but, really, it's done.

  3. Love me some Jess. Did you see her on Oprah a few days ago?

  4. I concur! She's AMAZING!!! I think she is one THEE most beautiful natural looking celebrity blondes out there today...I heart her voice, music, and outlook on life. Poor girl just hasn't been lucky in the last 2 years or so. But she has faith, and that makes her strong in knowing that good things do come to those who wait.

    I'm new to the blog world... Your blog is great...
    I wrote about J simpson a few posts'll have to check it out! :) xo


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