Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Diet Plan?

Apparently 50-Cent lost a ridiculous amount of weight for a new movie role. He did it by walking for 3 hours a day on the treadmill and a liquid diet. Wait, he's in movies?

This led to the following conversation:

Kristen: 3 hour walks and liquid diet?

Kristen: hmmmmm

Breanne: gross

Breanne: I wish I could do that

Kristen: me too

Breanne: I wish I had time for 3 hours of anything outside of work

Kristen: um yeah

Breanne: if you turn pizza into liquid is it still bad for you?

Kristen: hahahaha

Kristen: that's a great question

Oh, and here's 50-Cent normally:

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  1. i'm going to the gym tonight. maybe at 730. i'll walk all the way through primetime tv. that should get me through a couple hours.

    and slurpees are liquid.

    i think this is doable.


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