Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Alive from Vegas!

Well friends, I made it home alive from Las Vegas. My friends bachelorette party was last weekend and we all lived to tell about it. Here is a pic of me and the bride...She let me do her makeup. :)

A highlight was meeting Mario Barth, a world renowed tattoo artist. One of the girls knows his girlfriend, a total sweetheart. We hung out at his tattoo shop/lounge/bar and had so much fun! They did an Absinthe shot for us and lit it on fire. Pretty amazing. Check out his site here.

We also met a HUGE limo filled with Elvis impersonators. It was amazing watching them as they filed out. We corralled them into taking a picture with us!

"I'm never one to pass up a photo opportunity."
"Just sayin."

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  1. Looks like you ladies had a blast. Glad you survived.


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