Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Really? This is the epitome of what is wrong in America. A lady decides to get knocked up artificially inseminated with a random sperm donor, and produces eight children at once. She gets hand out, after hand out including 24-hour child care paid for by Dr. Phil. Which, she then later insisted they leave her house because she "didn't want the children to be confused who their mother was." Really? Pretty sure they are going to be confused their whole life. You paid money to look like Angelina Jolie and definitely one-upped her in the kid department. At least Angie adopted and didn't ruin her uterus for life.

Now, Octomom probably spent the money she earned with her talents clown car vagina spawn, and now doesn't have the money to pay a balloon payment of $450k? Why can't you get a normal loan like a normal person. You know, a 30-year fixed? Or maybe rent if you can't afford a house. Chances are someone would donate a house to you, or that is what you hoped right?

It bothers me that she is asking Dr. Phil and Oprah to bail her out. Like it's their fault she is retarded and can't manage her finances? Didn't she do a photo shoot showing her non-disgusting stomach (sarcasm?) in a bikini? Use some of that money. Or you could do a reality show. It worked out really well for Jon and Kate. (See what I'm doing here?)

Good luck Octomom, and I hope you can pull it together for those kids. It would be horrible to see you building a fort out of them for shelter.

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