Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mrs. Awesome Movie Reviews

So when it's rainy and gloomy out, there is nothing better than cuddling up with your Snuggie, puppy and fire while watching a good movie.

Here are a few movies I've watched recently and my oh-so-awesome review...

Super Awesome!
Kinda Awesome
NOT Awesome

 Inglorious Basterds
Rating: Super Awesome!
People you would know: Brad Pitt, B.J. Novak, intern from "The Office" and the Jewish Guy who's on TMZ a lot
Premise: Fed up with the Nazi and Hitler run Germany, a group of rugged guys, led by Mr. Pitt, trick the Nazi's and kill them off one by one. It's pretty gory but the filming, acting and story line make it a great movie! I'm a girl and I really enjoyed it. Maybe not a date night movie, but definitely a good pick.

The Informant!
Rating: Kinda Awesome
People you would know: Matt Damon, Joel McHale from The Soup
Premise: The only thing that gave this move a 'Kinda Awesome' rating is Matt and Joel being in it. Mr. Damon doesn't even look like himself thanks to a mustache and about 30 extra pounds he packed on for the role. Basically Damon is hoping to move up the corporate ladder so he makes up ridiculous stories about his company and works with the FBI trying to take them down. This is also based on a true story which makes it "Kinda Awesome" also. He travels around the world meeting with all of these high powered execs and dodges any sort of truth. It's a serious movie, but they do random things to make it funny. Like play upbeat music during serious times, and hearing him think to himself during important meetings. The boys would probably like it more than the girls.

Law Abiding Citizen
Rating: Super Awesome!
People you would know: Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler
Premise: If you cover your eyes for the first 20 minutes of the movie you're good to go. I'm not joking; you'll thank me later. Gerard Butler takes the law in his own hands to get revenge on the justice system. There is a lot of violence and blood, but if you look past it, the message of the movie is actually pretty good. I never knew how good of an actor Jamie Foxx was until I saw him in this. I can totally understand Kirstie Alley's obession with him. :)

Miss March
Rating: NOT Awesome
People you would know: Hugh Hefner, The Warehouse guy from The Office, a Yorkie
Premise: A guy wakes up from a four year coma and searches for his high school sweetheart who is now Miss March. DO NOT RENT THIS! It's awful. So awful in fact, here's the ending. He finds his old girlfriend at the Playboy Mansion and she is still in love with him. Blah Blah. Ok, maybe there were a couple funny parts, like the best friend stabbing his girlfriend in the face with a fork, and a famous rapper, Horsedick.MPEG that was born without man parts. Other than that, I'm pretty sure I lost a few brain cells from watching this.

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