Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mr. Awesome Doppelganger?

So, it took me a glass (maybe a couple) of wine to realize that my husband kind of resembles a judge on the show "Chopped" on Food Network. Have you seen this show? if not, DVR it now. It's amazing! Four chefs compete to be the "Chopped Champion" and they must use all ingredients in a mystery basket. First is appetizer, then entree, and ending with dessert. It's awesome to see what these talented judges come up with to make a delicious meal. Did I mention it's timed? Suspense!

Anyway, I now call Mr. Awesome "The Pasta Guy" because that is what Scott has dubbed himself. Obviously, I think Mr. Awesome is much (much) more handsome. But a teeeeensy bit alike? Anyone?

What do you think?

Scott Conant

Mr. Awesome


  1. haha....they sort of resemble each other.
    i love that show ;)
    love that your hubby commented!

  2. I think maybe I would need a few glasses of wine to see what you do!! Love the show, that girl judge that's always on can be such a biatch!!


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