Tuesday, October 5, 2010

European Travels

Mr. Awesome and I just got back from our 2 week vacation in Europe! It had been planned for almost a year, and felt like it would NEVER get here. We had a fabulous time, and are still sorting through our 1,600 pictures. About 100 of them are the Eiffel Tower which was Ahhh-mazing. Will post soon!

I do, however have some tips that I would like to share. Just in case you are planning on going:

1. They do not have Splenda.
2. They do not have non-fat milk.
3. Coffee is 5.00 Euro for basically a shot.
4. And milk is NOT included.
5. They do not have turkey. (It may LOOK like turkey, but is actually disgusting olive loaf or something)
6. Invest in a travel (dual voltage) flat iron/curling iron. (Thanks, Jenn!!!)
7. Make sure the plane has individual TV's in the headrest. (10 hour flight home was NOT AWESOME)
8. If #7 is not an option, bring A LOT of books. And magazines. And a neck pillow. And Sour Patch Kids.
9. The apparently do not believe in cinnamon. Seriously. 
10. Just learn the foreign word for, "Thank you" and "Bathroom" and you should be ok.
11. Try to avoid the Eiffel Tower during terrorist attacks. (Whoopsie)
12. If you plan to take trains/subways to get to your destination, just bring a carry-on size bag. You'll thank me when you have to lug it up 3 flights of stairs.
13. Wine is cheaper than water. When in ________! (Fill in the blank of wherever you are traveling)
14. When all else fails, use your Charades skills. Seriously. It works.
15. Assume everyone speaks English. 

Me: My beer is getting warm. 
German Guy who was talking in German the ENTIRE time: Better drink faster! 
Me: You speak English?!?!?
German Guy who was talking in German the ENTIRE time: Yes, we all learn when we are children.
Me: Wow. America is pretty awesome.


  1. Those are some sound tips!
    I'd also add to avoid French people like the plague, mostly because it will make them happy.
    I'm glad you had fun! [And got home safe..!] Can't wait to see some pictures!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I love the pic you posted on FB, super cute.


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