Monday, October 18, 2010

Europe Trip...Germany!

So we finally sorted through our 1600 pictures from our adventures in Europe. It was fun to re-live all of the memories, but even harder to choose the best ones!

Since we still have so many, I thought it would be good to post in sections and choose only a few that represented that area.

First off we have...Kaiserslautern!

We went to our first ever soccer game, and were very excited about it. The Europeans go CRAZY over soccer and wanted to be part of the madness. It definitely did not disappoint! There was an entire section dedicated to the fans, complete with 3 drum sets, a cheer-master, multiple flags and everyone sporting their scarves.

Here's a pic of the crazy fans. They literally had organized cheers, 3 sets of drums and GIANT flags. So crazy.

The next day, we headed towards Munich for Oktoberfest! It was such an amazing experience and I learned to LOVE beer. By the way, there are 3 beers in each stein. Crazy!

BIL, SIL, Me, Mr. Awesome

Me with my Giant Beer

Us with the CEO of Augustiner Brewery. He thought we were pretty. :)

After a day at Oktoberfest, we checked out downtown Munich (or Munchen as it is in German) to see the infamous Hofbrau House and the city center.


City Center of Munich

After Munich, we headed towards Salzburg, Austria but made a stop to the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the castle Walt Disney modeled the Princess Castle after. Pretty spectacular! Fun fact: King Ludwig only lived here 162 days. Seems pretty gluttonous, no?

And now we're headed to Austria!!! Hope you enjoyed Germany. We sure did. :)

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