Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old Friends, New Relationships

Over the past few months I have re-kindled relationships with old friends. One we met when I was 6 and the other when I was 19. Both of these women have had influences on me and had something to do with who I am today.

My oldest friend and I drifted apart because I moved to Northern California (no, I don't say hella!), so for obvious reasons, it was hard to stay in touch. We each had our own lives and went our seperate ways. I do remember picking out our senior prom dresses together one weekend! Soooooo many stores, but luckily we each found our dream dress. I think this is when I started my negiotiation skills. I wanted a $400 dress, so the $200 dress seemed like a steal! Now, years later we have connected again and through Facebook  email and texting, and we have been able to keep in touch. I'm happy we are because that friendship was such a large part of my childhood. It's nice to have it back. :)

I think we're about 10 here. Check out my super sweet bangs and killer watch!

My other friend has come into my life again, after years of drifting apart as well. Not quite as clear on why this one happened...I think it had to do with finding out who we were and dealing with our personal issues. We had many good times together, including trips to Vegas, (trying to) cheat off her in math class, mixers, clam bakes, trips to the cape! Ok, the last 3 may or may not be from Legally Blonde, but we WERE in a sorority so it's in my blood. Anyway, it seems as though we are in a similar place now and have re-discovered why we were friends in the first place. We're both really funny and make ourselves feel better by laughing about the misfortunes of others. You know, like the cast of Jersey Shore?

Anyway, bringing these two women back in my life is a great start to 2010. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

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  1. I am soooo happy that we have been able to connect again. It might sound corny but it's like no time has really passed. I know we havent been close close since we were 10 but you are the same good hearted, warm, funny, beautiful girl I considered my sister so many years ago. I have thought about you soooo many times over the years and heard tid bits about you through my mom and dad. I am so happy for you and Jeff and I honestly can't wait to pick up where we left off now 16 years later. Like I said, I miss your laugh, so I can't wait to see you in person to hear it and give you a big hug sometime soon!!

    Love you xoxoxo

    PS Love the piture....gotta admire my sweet sweet polka dot dress ooooh baby where can I get me one of those??


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