Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Well, thank you Jamie Pickle for this award! Who do I thank? Well first off I'd like to thank...wait...what...Kanye? Is that you? **Steals keyboard** "Imma let you finish writin' this but I thinks The Superficial is a bomb blog site thingy and the awesome writer there should have won this award. He has the best blog could you beeeeee soooooo heartlesssssss. WHAT. UH."

The rules are:
Put the award on your blog...
Thank the person who you received this from...
Tell 7 interesting things about yourself...
Nominate 7 bloggers...
About Me...

  • My favorite food is Chinese. It's more of a sickness really.

  • I love my dog more than most things.

  • I'm 5'4" (and a 1/2!) and I have a size 9 foot. I know, I don't need ski's...ever. 

  • I married my highschool sweetheart after 10 years of dating.

  • I was an Ugly Duckling and got cute around Sophmore year of high school.

  • I've never had a tattoo or my bellybutton pierced

  • I'm usually the first one to laugh at my own jokes...and sometimes the only
In no particular order I nominate...

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