Wednesday, November 10, 2010

N'awlins 2010!

Mr. Awesome and I had a wonderful trip to New Orleans last weekend! I had a work conference and then he flew out to meet me...worked out perfectly!

This city is seriously amazing. You can drink on the street (in plastic cups), and you get judged for NOT drinking. Seriously. I was holding a Starbucks cup at 1:30pm and was totally getting looks. That is where it all started to go downhill. Apparently they have 3 for 1 specials at most bars...until 8pm. If you can last that long.

Here are some highlights of the trip! If you haven't gone...make it a priority. Seriously. And rest up your liver beforehand.

Saonce Room in Muriel's Restaurant. Super creepy!

Awesome. Simply awesome.

Where it all happens...

Coors Light delivery!!!! They had about 7 trucks.

New Orleans Hornets vs. Miami Heat!

Hand Grenade...New Orleans' strongest person!
At Cafe Du Monde....mmmmmm

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  1. I love New Orleans. Haven't been in a few years and def want to go back. Lookin' good!


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